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Boaters put a lot of thought and consideration into choosing an anchor that’s right for their boat. With more anchor options on the market than ever, it’s difficult to know where to begin!

Today let’s explore the Manson Supreme anchor vs. Rocna product.

Both are high quality anchors that can potentially benefit your boating experiences, but they offer very different benefits.

Let’s get started and see which anchor will be best for you!

Manson Supreme

The Manson Supreme anchor, initially launched in 2003, is a rare gem of quality and performance.

Incredible holding power and fast setting capability

At the time when it first hit the market, boaters were enthralled with its strong setting power and tight hold.

Nearly 20 years later, these qualities still impress boaters across the world.

The Manson Supreme boasts the status as the fastest setting fixed shank anchor available. With this designation, it’s easy to see why boaters appreciate this product!

And, the Manson Supreme anchor has received a SHHP (super high holding power) rating from Lloyd’s Register EMEA.

The Manson Supreme anchor was the first anchor to achieve this monumental status, so you can see why boaters flock to this product.

We’ve already mentioned the Manson Supreme’s excellent holding power, but what other qualities does it bring?

Dual shank operation

This anchor operates with a dual shank. In case you are unfamiliar with this term, it simply means that you can use this anchor over multiple types of seabeds.

With this versatility, you can use a single anchor for all of your boating designations!

This feature makes storing anchors much easier, and it allows you to minimize your anchor collection.

When you use the rocky slit in suitable conditions, the anchor is able to easily slip out of the bottom and leave behind any troublesome debris that may attach to the anchor.

This design makes your job easier than ever; investing in a versatile anchor really pays off.

Strong, durable construction

The Manson anchor is built using only the finest quality galvanized or polished stainless steel. 

Manufactured with a high tensile steel shank of 800mpa steel, the Manson Supreme anchor is 25% stronger than competitors.

Steel also resists corrosion and degradation due to normal wear and tear.

If you are seriously considering purchasing a new anchor, choose one that is made using high quality materials.

An anchor is an investment in your boating future, and you want to be sure that it will last for many years to come.

Roll bar contribution

Though some boaters are hesitant about using a roll bar, the Manson anchor may change your mind.

Thanks to a roll bar, the Manson Supreme anchor rights itself into the correct position. 

In contrast to anchors that use a heavy, lead weighted tip to correct course, the roll bar forces the anchor into the ideal position every time.

Also, the roll bar allows for even weight distribution onto the load bearing anchor fluke, increasing holding power.

As you can see, the Manson Supreme anchor is very reliable and powerful. No wonder boaters around the world love its performance!


Intense quality control procedure

Rocna anchors, known for their high holding power, are backed by the rigorous quality control of CMP group.

Why is this important?

CMP group is extremely experienced in building quality marine products, and they bring a very high level of diligence to manufacturing Rocna anchors.

With their expertise and quality control program, you can be sure that you get the best product every tiem.

High holding power

Rocna anchors are a striking product that boaters have loved for years.

Like the Manson Supreme anchor, Rocna anchors now enjoy SHHP classification thanks to their superb performance.

When the Rocna anchor was tested for seabed performance, it showed the highest hold power capabilities of any anchor that had been tested to that point.

What a great testament to the Rocna anchor’s strong performance!

Consistent production

Consistency and material traceability are two of the main concerns during the Rocna anchor’s production.

Line inspectors monitor many points of the anchor and document every step of the manufacturing process.

Unlike other anchor production lines, Rocna uses robotic welding equipment to ensure that every anchor is built to the same standards.

And, every anchor is hot dip galvanized to give you a smooth, durable protective finish.

Manson Supreme vs. Rocna: Which is right for you?

So, is the Manson Supreme or Rocna anchor better for your boat?

Both anchors use a roll bar, and both exhibit super high holding power. They are very similar in their capabilities and standards.

It’s difficult to argue that Rocna displays a world-class manufacturing process, but Manson gives you equally well-made products.

Manson anchors also offer you extremely fast settings, and the Rocna anchor struggles to best their competitor in this category.

As you can see, these anchors are very similar. 

The main difference between the two is Manson’s inclusion of a secondary shank slot, but some boaters dispute the effectiveness of this design.

Which anchor do you prefer?

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