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Choosing a new anchor is no doubt a difficult choice. 

However, if you’re looking for an anchor that’s out of the mainstream path, consider the Manson boss anchor.

It’s strong and sturdy, and it performs extremely well.

If you have not heard of the Manson boss anchor, reviews are a great way to hear from the people who know this anchor the best — customers.

Let’s dive into today’s discussion of the Manson boss anchor. 

Hopefully, you’ll leave this article much more informed about this unique anchor and all that it offers boaters.

Manson Boss Anchor review: Right for you?

Improved scoop design

If you are not familiar with the Manson boss anchor, it’s very similar to Manson’s Bruce anchor.

However, the Boss anchor is designed to improve upon the Bruce’s shortcomings, and it works well in a wider variety of situations.

It follows a basic scoop anchor design, but it brings some unique elements to the table.

For example, the Boss anchor uses a very pointed reinforced tip to dig deep and set into the bottom.

The upwards pointed flukes are another element that you won’t see on a standard scoop anchor. 

However, they offer incredible holding power that improves upon the holding strength that you usually expect with traditional scoop anchors.

This design allows the Boss anchor to right itself, which is a great feature to have. 

If your anchor can right itself, your job is much easier, and there is a greater chance that your anchor will find a strong hold as soon as it hits the bottom

They also increase the Boss’ holding power once it buries itself into the bottom.

Varied sizes

And, the Manson boss anchor is built to fit virtually any boat. 

It comes in sizes between 5 lbs and 400 lbs, so you can use it with boats of many different lengths, weights, and shapes.

Whether you own a small fishing boat or a large ship, there is a Boss anchor that can work well for you.

Ability to work in many bottom types

This multi-purpose anchor is your one-stop solution for positioning your boat exactly where you want it to be.

Unlike traditional scoop anchor designs, the Manson Boss anchor works well in a variety of bottom types.

You can confidently drop this anchor in bottoms from hard and grassy conditions to soft, muddy areas.

The Manson Boss anchor will even work in rocky, sandy, and shell bed bottom types!

While standard scoop anchors are somewhat limited by their mediocre holding power, the Boss anchor is powerful enough to hold in a much wider range of bottom types.

With dual modes built into a single shank, you can use the Boss anchor in a variety of circumstances.

Simply slide the shank into the position that you need for the given situation, and drop anchor!

This allows you to minimize the number of anchors that you carry at any given time, saving storage space and hassle.

Strong holding power

The Manson Boss anchor is made of very strong materials to ensure that it will weather well.

Built with a very high quality construction process, the Boss anchor is engineered to last.

Some customers mentioned that they experienced issues with the upper part of the shank. 

However, if you consider the entirety of the anchor, it’s very well designed, and it is strong enough to last after repeated use in harsh conditions.

Bow roller conformity

The Manson Boss anchor conforms to your existing bow roller. 

If you have never attempted to match a new anchor with your existing bow roller, you may wonder why this is such an important point.

However, many people do not realize that new anchors rarely fit bow rollers that are already installed on your boat.

So, to make the Manson Boss anchor more versatile, its designers strived to devise a product that will easily fit with your bow roller.

How does the Boss anchor conform to your bow roller?

A single slot and sliding shackle are built into the anchor so that you can adjust the anchor’s position depending on the type of bottom you’re above.

This patented design is built to be very versatile and to fit over many different bow rollers.


Not only does the Boss anchor hold well and fit your boat, it’s also available in the finish of your choosing!

The Manson Boss anchor comes in polished stainless steel, galvanized steel, or a black painted and galvanized steel finish.

So, now you can choose an anchor finish that will work well for your individual needs and boating habits.

Final assessment

The Manson Boss anchor is designed to be an easy-to-use, versatile anchor that gives you a very high level of holding power in all seabeds.

Whether you want to anchor in a soft, sandy bed or a rocky, weedy area, the Manson Boss anchor can help you achieve your goals.

It’s strong, it’s built out of very high quality materials, and it’s designed to give you a great anchoring experience.

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