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Boat hatches; have you ever put thought into the importance of your boat hatch? It is usually not the first thing boaters think of when purchasing a boat.

The first thoughts are about how well the boat runs, how sturdy it is, how it looks. 

A hatch is small, so it can be overlooked and taken for granted. Don’t take it for granted because although small, hatches are just as important as anything else on your boat. Keep reading and we will explain.

Maybe your boat came with a standard hatch that doesn’t seal quite right or you replaced your original hatch with the first one you found because you figured all of them work the same.

But now you have most likely experienced water damage and are here for some insight on what to look for so that it does not happen again. 

With a watertight hatch you can protect your boat in more ways than one. We are here to walk you through how a watertight hatch is beneficial to you and help you find the best watertight boat hatch for your boat.

We did some research for you to help make things easier. Let’s begin with why a watertight hatch is important.

Why is a watertight boat hatch important?

You may think this question has a simple answer. And the answer is that it keeps water out, of course. That is partially true. You may be confusing a weathertight hatch with a watertight hatch.

What’s the difference between weathertight and watertight hatches?  A weathertight hatch keeps water out and can handle temporary pressure.

But as we mentioned previously, a watertight hatch will protect your boat in more ways than one. How?

Not only does a watertight hatch keep water out, but it keeps water in should you experience any flooding. It will prevent your boat from ending up at the bottom of whatever body of water you frequent.

It can handle excessive pressure from both sides and contains the water to a certain area so as to prevent the entire boat from being flooded. 

Since it protects the rest of the boat, it will help prevent anything being stored as well as  electrical equipment from being damaged due to water leakage.

It will also keep you dry! Of course you expect to get a little when you are on deck, but when you are inside your boat you expect to be able to stay dry.

A watertight boat hatch will make sure the things you want dry to stay dry. 

Nobody wants a casualty.

Whether it is your boat, your equipment, or yourself it’s important to have a watertight hatch that you know will do its job. 

What to look for in watertight boat hatches

Durability is very important for your watertight hatch because the last thing you want is a compromised hatch to compromise your boat.

Your hatch will be constantly exposed to the sun and water.

If the hatch is not made with material that can withstand sun and water exposure day after day, then it will fail and you will be replacing your hatch much sooner than you should; hopefully without casualty to anything on your boat. 

Make sure the material is weatherproof. Come rain or shine, you need to know that your hatch can withstand whatever is thrown at it by mother nature.

In addition to a weatherproof hatch, make sure it can handle impact. If it can withstand harsh impact, it will stay structurally sound even if you accidentally drop something heavy on top of it. You will also be able to stand, walk, or even sit on it. 

Another important thing to think about when purchasing a hatch is the handle. You can either purchase a hatch with a built-in handle or add one yourself.

We suggest purchasing a hatch with a handle. A handle that is already attached to the hatch will be more secure than one you have to manually attach because there is nothing there separating the two.

Their seamless design will keep them sturdy throughout time. 

Whatever route you go, make sure the hatch has a good reputation. An upgrade for your boat will only be worth it if it is a true upgrade.

Knowing it has a good reputation/good reviews will give you confidence that you are making the right choice. Protect your boat!

Best Watertight Boat Hatches

Lewmar Low Profile Hatch 39960030, Silver, 23

This Lewmar hatch is a low profile, high quality hatch. This particular hatch is a size 23, but it comes in a range of sizes so you should be able to find the perfect size for your boat.

It opens up at an 180 degree angle and it’s built-in handles are constructed in such a way that you can open the hatch from the deck if it is unlocked.

Because the handles are built in, you can be confident of their functionality and durability.

The frame is made out of anodised aluminum which makes it corrosion resistant. The upper profile is curved to enhance the strength of the hatch as well as give it a beautiful modern look.

The levers on the hatch can hold it open at any position up to 95 degrees in case you need ventilation.

The sealing system of this hatch is made so that you can replace the acrylic window should it become damaged.

Do not let that make you think that it will become easily damaged though. The window is made of strong material that cannot easily be broken.

Lewmar has constructed this hatch to last for many years while maintaining a tight seal and remaining corrosion free. 

It will protect your boat while also making it look great. Lewmar has truly created a high end, beautiful, durable hatch. If this hatch interests you, check it out.

It may be your perfect fit.


  • High quality material
  • Low profile
  • Replaceable window
  • Anti-corrosion frame
  • Great look

Tempress White 1115 Cam Hatch Without Lock

Tempress is another high quality brand. This Tempress hatch comes in different sizes and colors so that you can find the perfect one for your boat. It is low profile so it can be placed in heavy traffic areas.

It is structurally reinforced, made with glass filled polypropylene so it has excellent durability, which means you can stand, walk, or sit on this hatch without fear of it breaking. 

It has a bevel skirted lid that covers all fasteners to increase durability. It has a weathertight and watertight seal and its tough design is water resistant.

It also features a dog down latch and a positive locking system that will not pop open. It’s patented integral hinge assembly allows for easy lid removal.

With easy instructions, you can install this hatch in no time. It looks good and works great.

Since it is well constructed it has a great reputation for lasting longer than other brands that might be more common.

So if you are looking for a low profile/easily hidden yet durable cam hatch, check this one out.


  • High quality material
  • Weathertight
  • Watertight
  • Removable lid
  • Easy installation
  • Durable

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