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The bilge pump is one of the most critical pieces of equipment on your boat, and choosing the right bilge pump hose is imperative to its success.

But, how do you choose the best bilge pump hose for your boat?

Today we’ll explore this question and provide you with some terrific options.

What is a bilge pump hose?

While an all-purpose hose would be fantastic, they simply do not exist for boats. 

Instead, you must use highly specialized hoses for all the different applications on your boat.

A bilge pump hose does one of the most valuable jobs on your boat. 

It removes water from the bilge! 

Without this hose, water would remain in the bilge, causing all sorts of dangerous ramifications for your boat.

How to choose a bilge pump hose

Always choose a bilge pump hose that will work well for your specific bilge and bilge pump.

Smooth vs. corrugated bilge pump hoses

Bilge pump hoses are typically either corrugated or smooth

Corrugated bilge pump hoses are often much easier to work with, maneuver, and secure to your hull. 

However, smooth bilge pump hoses are the way to go if you want to maximize efficiency.

Smooth bilge pump hoses are up to 30% more efficient than corrugated hoses, but they are a significantly larger investment.

If you have the financial means to invest in a smooth bilge pump hose, it will really help your bilge pump efficiency in the long run.

However, for a smooth bilge pump hose to work, you must also be able to arrange the hose in a straight line to the excretion point.

Corrugated bilge pump hoses are generally much more flexible than smooth bilge pump hoses, offering you a wider range of hose configurations.

They can be especially helpful if you’re dealing with a tight, cramped bilge area and you need to wind the hose through other equipment.

Most people use corrugated bilge pump hoses since they are so much easier to work with than smooth hoses, and they are usually far less expensive.

However, please note that you should try to give your bilge pump hose the most linear route possible. 

Bends and twists reduce the efficiency of your bilge pump’s operation.

Reinforcement and added protection

Choose a bilge pump hose that’s made of strong, reinforced plastic if possible.

The reinforcement will increase the longevity of the hose and protect it against the elements. 

Extra protections are especially important if you plan to boat in seawater. 

The saltiness of such an environment quickly degrades low quality plastic, so it’s best to use a reinforced product if possible.

Look for a bilge pump hose that is resistant to corrosion.


Choose a bilge pump hose that is an adequate size, both in length and diameter, for your boat. 

Make sure that the hose is long enough to comfortably stretch from the bilge pump through the hull without putting extreme force on the system.

Also, select a bilge pump hose that will work well with your bilge pump and hull attachment point. 

If you do not choose a hose with a diameter to match your bilge pump, you run the risk of a poor connection which can lead to flooding and poor efficiency.

Clamps and attachments

Look for a bilge pump hose that includes all of the necessary attachments. 

You must secure the bilge pump hose in place to hold it steady, and many products come with the necessary equipment to do so.

If a bilge pump hose includes all the clamps that you will need, you’re ready to install the hose as soon as it arrives!

Best bilge pump hose

Here are some of our favorite bilge pump hoses. Boaters have appreciated them for years, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s important, though, to always consult an industry professional before selecting and using any new bilge pump hose.

Sierra 116-120-0341B Shields Bilgeflex Hose – 3/4″ X 6′

This Sierra International Black Bilgeflex hose is a great choice for all of your water removal needs. 

This hose easily fits in tight spaces thanks to its tight turning radius and flexibility.

The Sierra Bilgeflex hose can help you remove water from a very small bilge by maneuvering around objects, cords, and other hindrances.

It’s designed to perform well in normal bilge circumstances. 

While it’s best to install your bilge pump hose as linearly as possible, sometimes the situation calls for a more creative approach. 

In that case, this bilge pump hose can help you navigate tight situations where more rigid bilge pump hoses don’t make the cut.

As with all bilge pump hoses, never attach this unit to the hull below the plausible waterline. 

If so, you run teh high risk of allowing water to pour back into the hull that your bilge pump works to drain.

Also, this hose is not recommended for use with the following products:

  • Live well Inlet
  • Live well Drain Below Water Line
  • Remote Bilge Pump

Another negative factor of this bilge pump hose is its corrugated nature. 

Generally, a smooth bilge pump hose works better and increases the efficiency of your bilge pump’s operation.

However, this texture promotes the Shields’ flexible nature, making this hose a terrific choice if you’re dealing with a difficult space.

It’s made using a single layer of corrugated polyethylene material that is very resistant to chemicals commonly found in your boat.

Salt water will not degrade this hose, so you can use it in a variety of marine conditions.

With clamps provided at 1-foot intervals, installing and securing your bilge hose is easier than ever.

You can select either a black or white hose, allowing you to match the hose to the hull’s interior.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

Seachoice 19441 Bilge Pump Installation Kit for 3/4 Inch Outlets – Includes 6 Foot Hose, 2 Hose Clamps, and Thru-Hull Fitting

If you are looking for a complete bilge pump hose installation kit, the Seachoice 19441 Bilge Pump Installation Kit is the total package.

This complete installation kit supplies you with everything you need to install bilge pumps within a ¾ inch outlet.

Here are a few of the items included in the Seachoice Bilge Pump Installation Kit.

  • 6 ft black corrugated 3.4 inch ID hose
  • 2 #10 stainless steel hose clamps
  • White thru-hull fitting with a 1 ½ in. flange that works with hull thickness of up to 1 ¼ in.

As you can see, this kit makes your installation job very easy. The 6 foot hose will fit nearly any space and boat.

Seachoice is a quality brand that’s focused on providing boaters with great marine accessories and replacement parts for OEM equipment.

Whether you love to spend the day fishing on your boat, to just hang out with friends on the water or to participate in extreme water sports, Seachoice can help you achieve your boating goals.

Seachoice began supplying high quality marine products like hinges, hasps, and cleats in 1988, and started to expand their product line soon after they opened their doors.

Unlike other brands that are run by business people rather than boaters, Seachoice is operated by boaters. 

They know exactly how to help you succeed on the water, and they offer you quality equipment that will not break the bank.

Seachoice offers a no hassle warranty on all their products. 

In the event that your product breaks or malfunctions, Seachoice will right the situation.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump Plumbing Kit with 3/4 Inch X 5 Feet Hose

The Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump Plumbing Kit is another great tool to help you make the most of your bilge pump.

It includes everything that you will need to safely and effectively install your new bilge pump hose.

With a ¾ inch ID and 5 feet of corrugated hose, a ¾ inch thru hull, and 2 stainless steel hose clamps for your convenience.

Please note that you must only use this bilge pump hose with a bilge pump that has a ¾ inch OD outlet barb.

It’s best to confirm your bilge pump’s dimensions before making your final purchase.

This strong reinforced bilge pump hose will resist corrosion and thinning due to marine conditions, giving you the confidence that it can help protect your boat for many summers to come.

Also, though this hose is corrugated, you’ll notice a smooth section of plastic at one foot intervals throughout the length of the hose. 

With this thoughtful design, you’ll be able to cut the hose to fit your specific situation with a clean slice through the product.

This hose is engineered to fit very tightly over the end of the bilge pump outlet and the thru-hull fitting barb.

The Shoreline bilge pump hose is great for tightly packed bilges and situations that may require you to bend your hose to position it correctly.

Since it’s corrugated, the hose will not kink if it has to bend around a tight corner. 

Positioning your hose as linearly as possible is still a good idea, but this product can help you if achieving a straight line pattern is not feasible.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

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